Alice Mason Para Rower

All about Alice Rose Mason


Alice is 29 years old and lives in Deeping St Nicholas, Lincolnshire with her wife and daughter.


She was born with a left talapiz (club foot) and played netball for 23 years prior to amputation on the 25th August 2017.


Alice was back to the gym 5 weeks after the amputation and started at Peterborough city rowing club in October 2017 which led her to take part in the British Rowing Championships in December 2017, claiming a credible 3rd place (bronze medal) in category “pr3”.


She is currently working towards racing in the summer on the water and pushing forward to be a part of the talent in the GB program for Tokyo 2020.


Currently taking part in Sporting Saturday in Peterborough to encourage other disabled individuals to join rowing groups.


Inspire is the company who helped her get in contact with a coach.

Alice Mason Para Rower


Alice Wins !

Alice took part in an indoor world virtual 1000m sprint last week and she came 1st!  With a time of 3 minutes 48 seconds. To see full results click HERE